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Applications of Rotomoulding

When it is all about manufacturing high quality range of large hollow plastic products, nothing can challenge the rotomolding process. This is cost effective process rather than other processes like blow molding or injection. Also this process ensure better quality products.

Parts produced by rotomolding are smooth, seamless with uniform wall thickness and possesses excellent shock absorbing properties. They are also comparatively very strong and flexible owing to the fact that no pressure or stress is applied during the process. Rotomolding also offers the option of multi-wall molding, which can either be left hollow or can be foam filled to enhance strength and insulation. Moreover very little material is wasted during the process and whatever excess material remains, can always be re-used.

The Rotomoulding Finds Applications in Many Areas Such as:
  • Agriculture
  • Automobiles
  • Homewares
  • For Storage Purpose
  • In Various Industries
  • And Many Other Uses

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