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When it comes to manufacturing large hollow plastic parts, nothing beats the process of rotomolding. Compared to other molding or casting processes like injection or blow molding, rotomolding is exceptionally cost efficient and the products produced are also of better quality.
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vertical injection moulding machines & products

Vertical injection moulding machineIn up and over type or vertical type injection moulding machine the loading and unloading area is at the front between the heating and cooling areas. It varies in size between small to medium compared to other rotational machines. The vertical injection moulding machines are energy proficient due to their customized heating and cooling chambers. These machines have the same or similar capabilities and functioning as the horizontal carousel multi-arm machines, but it consumes less space as compared to other. Vertical injection moulding machine plays a very essential role in the moulding process. Due to its versatile functioning and propertise the machine place itself in a very unique platform. In this demanding and modern world vertical moulding machine stands positively as per the clients need and options. Vertical injection moulding is also known as vertical injection rotomoulding, vertical plastic injection moulding and vertical hydraulic injection moulding.

Recently two new vertical type injection moulding machines TNS series are launched. The 75-ton TNS75R rotary-type machine and the 30-ton TNS30, a single-acting-type machine have been formated with the same procedures as existing vertical injection rotomoulding machines in mind. They are suitable for insert molding and dissimilar material molding.

As focusing on main characteristics of the rotary type TNS75R machine is a space-saving automatic molding system suitable for high cycle operation as well as high quality production of automatically insert molded parts. Features of the vertical injection moulding machine include:
  • larger rotary table
  • longer clamping stroke
  • and wider daylight
vertical injection moulding machineThere are other special components as well which are installed in the vertical injection moulding machine. For easy operations of the vertical moulding machine, it comes with a TA-201 program controller/ computerized LCD monitor NC control system. This machine finds application in general plastic/ engineering plastic. Some of the other applications include injection of power cord plugs, electric plug, auto parts, electronic parts, sunglasses frames, insertion molding and silk flowers.

Manufacturers have started using larger molds, and the range of mold size has been widened over the years.

TN 30 Single-acting Machine is a low cost molding machine that is widely used for small lot insertion molding of small products, composite or small size molding. In addition to TN 30 Single-acting Machine, the market is flooded with three other single-acting type machines, planned with clamp force upto 120 tons. The machine is compact, and its about one-third the size of a conventional TH30 machine. The machine structure is such that the workers have access to the molds from three different directions.

We manufacture, supply, export and sell all types of vertical injection moulding machines, up and over injection moulding machines, vertical injection rotomoulding machines, vertical plastic injection moulding machines, vertical hydraulic injection moulding machines and plastic moulds made by vertical injection moulding process. Contact us for any query regarding vertical injection rotational moulding machines, rotomoulding machines, plastic moulds and products made by this process.
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