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When it comes to manufacturing large hollow plastic parts, nothing beats the process of rotomolding. Compared to other molding or casting processes like injection or blow molding, rotomolding is exceptionally cost efficient and the products produced are also of better quality.
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An Acetal is a very popular polymer that is used in the manufacture or engineering of various goods. It is highly resistant to oils Catalan alcohols but is non-resistant to Acids, thus it is recommended to keep away from acids. Acetals, also known as Ketals, are formed by the process of Acetalisation, which is an irreversible action. The plastic known as acetal is polyacetal of formaldehyde.

Acetal Owing to their excellent mechanical and thermal properties, acetals are considered to be the best versatile materials in rotational moulding process. Due to the presence of high strength, stiffness, toughness and creep resistance over a wide range of loads and temperatures it establish the great compatibility with rotational moulding process.

Other Admirable Properties of Acetals:
  • Good Rigidity and Strength
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance
  • Moderate to High Price
  • Good Heat Resistance
  • Better Wear Resistance
The temperature at which rotational moulding is done with acetal is less as compare to any other component. Thus, at the time of rotational moulding, maintaining a control over its temperature is very essential else it may result in generating formaldehyde gas.

Temperature Statics while performing the Rotational Moulding with Acetal are as follows:
  • Maximum temperature 180O F 800 C
  • Minimum temperature -400 F -400 C
  • Melting point 3200 F 1600 C
  • Tensil strength 8.800 psi
Other Application Areas of Acetal:
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Automobile Industry
  • Medical Industry
  • Construction Industry, and many more
Typical applications that can be developed with the combined form of acetals in rotational moulding machine are nuts, bolts and washers as well as a wide range of low cost, light weight, mechanical parts for general applications such as cobs, levers, mechanisms and sprockets. Acetal is also popular for its hygiene sensitive applications such as the food and beverages, medical sector, pharmaceutical industry and hi-tech bio-technology sector.
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