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When it comes to manufacturing large hollow plastic parts, nothing beats the process of rotomolding. Compared to other molding or casting processes like injection or blow molding, rotomolding is exceptionally cost efficient and the products produced are also of better quality.
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Scientific Instruments and Tools

Scientific Instruments and Tools Scientific instrument is a specially designed device/ equipment widely used in undertaking various research works or other science related tasks/ studies with precision. Scientific Instruments and Tools are in demand ever since the dawn of Science. Conducting scientific researches and studies are not possible without the proper arrangement of scientific tools and machines. Every day in the field of science, new vistas are opening up and very new concept demands continuous researches and study. To facilitate these studies in a more convenient and swift manner, more and more sophisticated scientific tools and instruments are developed. Moreover, these instruments and tools are also widely used in schools and colleges by the science students. Pharmacy and hospitals are the other regions where scientific equipments are one of the inseparable needs.

Scientific instruments find its application in the scientific/ research field, therefore it becomes very important to ensure optimum quality. These tools and instruments should be accurately designed, durable in nature, easy to use, low on maintenance cost, and cost effective. Moreover, it is important to use finest grade of raw materials in the making of scientific tools in order to ascertain that it is defect free.

Different manufacturers and suppliers in India are striving to bring forth better and more user friendly instruments that are easy to operate are of high quality standards. Usually scientific instruments are small in size, but some of them can be quite large in size and require knowledgeable professionals to handle them. The following table comprises the regular and common scientific instruments:

Adapters Lenses Polarimeter Tubes
Ampere Meter Magnetic needles Precision Temperature Control Equipment
Anatomical Models Melting Point Apparatus Projectors
Astronomical Telescope Microscope Reading Telescope
Auto Collimator Microscope Accessories Rheostats
Barometer Microtomes Rock Testing Machines
Beam Splitters Optical Apparatus Science Laboratory Equipment
Biological Models ptical Bench Scientific Apparatus
Biology Equipment Optical Instruments Scientific Equipment
Bitumen Testing Apparatus Optical Prisms Scientific Glassware
Chemistry Equipment Optical Windows Scientific Instruments
Digital Voltmeter Oxygen Concentrator Scientific Laboratory Apparatus
Electronic Pressure Instrument Oxygen Monitor Scientific Laboratory Supplies
Electronics Laboratory Instruments Ozone Monitor Slide Projectors
Extraction Mantle Ozone Monitoring Equipment Slide box
Flexure Testing Machine Paint Testing Machine Soxhlet Extraction Unit
High Frequency Generator Petroleum Testing Machine Suction Machine
Hydrometer Pharmaceutical Equipments Tangent Galvanometer
Inclined Plane Phototherapy Unit Transport Incubator
Laboratory Instruments Physics Equipment Tripod Magnifier
Laminar Flow Cabinet Physics Labware Tuning Forks
Laminated Boards Plastic Labware Turbidity Meter

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