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When it comes to manufacturing large hollow plastic parts, nothing beats the process of rotomolding. Compared to other molding or casting processes like injection or blow molding, rotomolding is exceptionally cost efficient and the products produced are also of better quality.
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Packaging Machinery

Packaging Machinerymodern times innovative packaging materials have developed for more secure and effective packaging. Some of the commercially and industrially used packaging material are Plastic, Cardboard boxes, Bubble Wrap, Shrink Wrap, Tissue Paper etc. Most of the industries, like food processing industry, pharmaceutical, chemical, and almost every industry, have included packaging in their manufacturing process. There are a variety of products that require packaging for its safety and durability. Not only this, attractive packing is considered as a very good tool of branding because to a large extent it enhances the sales of any company. With the changing product category even the packaging requirement changes hence, different types of packaging machines are manufactured.

The packaging machinery can be categorized according to the type of be product to be packaged. Packaging can generally be of two types: Intrinsic packaging that is in direct contact with the products and extrinsic packaging that is used for information, presentation, and stacking intrinsic packages. There are wide assortment of packaging machines that perform specific operations: wrap, seal, fill and form machines, pallet & tying machines, label, box & case machines, blister & skin packs, vacuum packaging machine & converting machine, inspecting & detecting machines and so on. These packaging equipments are used in various industries such as food processing industry, pharmaceutical, chemical, and almost every industry, government, institutions and even for personal use.

Though there are a variety of Packaging machines and they can be categorized as per the type of product to be packaged. Generally there are two types of packaging machines:
  • Intrinsic Packaging Machine: This does the packaging by keeping the products in direct contact with the packaging material.
  • Extrinsic Packaging Machine: This packaging machine is used to do the external packaging that usually consists information, presentation, and stacks of intrinsic packages.
These two types of machines can be further categorized as per the specific operation that they carry out like:
  • Blister & skin packs
  • Inspecting & detecting machines
  • Label, box & case machines
  • Pallet & tying machines
  • Vacuum packaging machine
  • Wrap, seal, fill and form machines and many others.
Packaging Machinery Severing the specific requirement of different industries, there are specific packaging machines. In the market one can easily avail the following packaging machines:
  • Aerosol Machines
  • Packaging Machinery like Candy Packaging Machinery
  • Folder Gluer
  • Collating Machine
  • Compact Packing Machines
  • Corrugated Board Machinery
  • Corrugated Packaging Machine
  • Film Laminating Machinery
  • Counting Machines
  • Food Packaging Machines
  • Envelope Making Machines
  • Flexo Packaging Material
  • Extruder Machine
  • File Making Machines
  • Gluing Machinery
  • Heat Shrink Packaging Machine
  • Sleeving Machines
  • Soap Packaging Machines
  • Stick Pack Machine
  • Strip Packaging Machines / Strip Packing Machine etc.
We manufacture, supply and export all types of packing machinery and equipments. Contact us to buy or for more information on any kinds of packaging machinery and equipments.
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